Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sega Who?


I loved my Mega Drive. I would play it every day, even though it was kept in my sisters room (as I didnt have a TV in mine) When I finally got a tv one xmas, I moved the mega drive into my room.  My only problem with the mega drive, was that it didnt have....character.  It had Sonic...but that was really it. Nintendo meanwhile, had Mario, It had DK, it had Pokemon and of course, it had James Pond (well Sega had James Pond: Robocod...but that isnt really the same is it lol)

Xmas 97, was the year I got my N64, and also the year I finally learnt the truth about Santa (I cant believe I made it 11 years without working it out).  My parents probably figured it out, when I found an N64, Mario 64 and goldeneye in my parents wardrobe and then extremely unsubtley went out and bought a Nintendo magazine.

Anyway, I was extremely pleased, and with the N64 i discovered just how awesome multiplayer can be.  Mario Kart, Mario Party, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark.....(im in heaven just thinking about them)  These really were some of the greatest days of my life.


Ive had a good couple of days on my 360. I have been working my way through the offline Bomberman achievements whilst trying to spice up my fifa life with a bit of online play.  Acheivements I earned have been:

Fifa 13
Good Start 30 GS - 58 TA
Get Physical 5 GS - 6 TA
Trolling for Goals 15 GS - 58 TA
Creeping on the Down Low 5 GS - 12 TA

Bomberman Live
Joy of Painting with Bomerman 20 GS - 33 TA (excellent guide on TA.com)


My plan is to continue with FIFA "part time".  I would like to get One of the Bros (when I get my mate online) and Well on your Way within the next week.  Annoyed that I will need to wait another 10 days to tray and get the Filling Cabinets achievement after reaching the Semis twice on Sunday, but I will make it.

Meanwhile I am now finished with the offline achievements on Bomberman Live.  I want to finish Sonic (but having problems playing it since Ive put it on my memory stick, also with Golden axe)  I now I have part 3 of the Walking Dead, so I may start that, or maybe try a bit more Zuma.

I hope my wife is ready to play some more splitscreen Borderland 2 now that we have watched all of Homeland. fingers crossed.

Until Next time

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