Friday, 19 October 2012

Love at first sight


Now I cannot deny that my wife is my true love. I cannot stress that enough...especially if she is reading this. But my first love, will always be the gaming world.

Im 25, and although I dont remember Atari, and Commodore (the games or the band), I do rememember one one thing, the Mega Drive II. It was my uncle who I first remember having a Mega Drive, and of course he had Sonic. I only saw him once or year or so, and even then, gaming wasnt important to adults, so I wasnt allowed near it when we did go round.

Luckily for me, Greg the guy across the street had managed to get his hands on a Mega Drive II. I dont really know what the difference between 1 and 2 was, I believe that 2 had red buttons?....anyway....gaming was now a lot closer and a lot more accessable. We would play Sonic 2 until he got bored, but I just couldnt get enough. I begged and begged Santa to let me have a game all to myself, and Xmas '96 was when the magic began.

I received my Mega Drive II, I had Sonic 2 which I would play with my sister, winning every single time.  I also had a 6 in 1 game, with classics like italia 90, golden axe and a game like bejewelled of which the name slips my mind, but it was basically bejewelled.

I had seen my first glimps of heaven


Acheivement unlocks yesterday :

Fifa 13 - Pack King - 50g - 131 TA
Borderlands 2 - Well That Was Easy - 10g - 14 TA (awesome acheivement btw lol)


With all the old Arcade games Im going through, I intend to raise my TA completion % from its tiny 63.25%  I think if I can at least get it to 65% by the time I buy Resi 6 I'll be happy, but long term Im looking for 70%

Achievements im working towards:

Bomberman Live - EXTREME MAKEOVER! - 30g - 49 TA (should get this tonight)
Bomberman Live - Joy of painting with bomber man - 20g - 33 TA

Fifa 13 - I love this club - 30g - 197 TA

Until next time..

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