Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sega Who?


I loved my Mega Drive. I would play it every day, even though it was kept in my sisters room (as I didnt have a TV in mine) When I finally got a tv one xmas, I moved the mega drive into my room.  My only problem with the mega drive, was that it didnt have....character.  It had Sonic...but that was really it. Nintendo meanwhile, had Mario, It had DK, it had Pokemon and of course, it had James Pond (well Sega had James Pond: Robocod...but that isnt really the same is it lol)

Xmas 97, was the year I got my N64, and also the year I finally learnt the truth about Santa (I cant believe I made it 11 years without working it out).  My parents probably figured it out, when I found an N64, Mario 64 and goldeneye in my parents wardrobe and then extremely unsubtley went out and bought a Nintendo magazine.

Anyway, I was extremely pleased, and with the N64 i discovered just how awesome multiplayer can be.  Mario Kart, Mario Party, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark.....(im in heaven just thinking about them)  These really were some of the greatest days of my life.


Ive had a good couple of days on my 360. I have been working my way through the offline Bomberman achievements whilst trying to spice up my fifa life with a bit of online play.  Acheivements I earned have been:

Fifa 13
Good Start 30 GS - 58 TA
Get Physical 5 GS - 6 TA
Trolling for Goals 15 GS - 58 TA
Creeping on the Down Low 5 GS - 12 TA

Bomberman Live
Joy of Painting with Bomerman 20 GS - 33 TA (excellent guide on TA.com)


My plan is to continue with FIFA "part time".  I would like to get One of the Bros (when I get my mate online) and Well on your Way within the next week.  Annoyed that I will need to wait another 10 days to tray and get the Filling Cabinets achievement after reaching the Semis twice on Sunday, but I will make it.

Meanwhile I am now finished with the offline achievements on Bomberman Live.  I want to finish Sonic (but having problems playing it since Ive put it on my memory stick, also with Golden axe)  I now I have part 3 of the Walking Dead, so I may start that, or maybe try a bit more Zuma.

I hope my wife is ready to play some more splitscreen Borderland 2 now that we have watched all of Homeland. fingers crossed.

Until Next time

Friday, 19 October 2012

Love at first sight


Now I cannot deny that my wife is my true love. I cannot stress that enough...especially if she is reading this. But my first love, will always be the gaming world.

Im 25, and although I dont remember Atari, and Commodore (the games or the band), I do rememember one one thing, the Mega Drive II. It was my uncle who I first remember having a Mega Drive, and of course he had Sonic. I only saw him once or year or so, and even then, gaming wasnt important to adults, so I wasnt allowed near it when we did go round.

Luckily for me, Greg the guy across the street had managed to get his hands on a Mega Drive II. I dont really know what the difference between 1 and 2 was, I believe that 2 had red buttons?....anyway....gaming was now a lot closer and a lot more accessable. We would play Sonic 2 until he got bored, but I just couldnt get enough. I begged and begged Santa to let me have a game all to myself, and Xmas '96 was when the magic began.

I received my Mega Drive II, I had Sonic 2 which I would play with my sister, winning every single time.  I also had a 6 in 1 game, with classics like italia 90, golden axe and a game like bejewelled of which the name slips my mind, but it was basically bejewelled.

I had seen my first glimps of heaven


Acheivement unlocks yesterday :

Fifa 13 - Pack King - 50g - 131 TA
Borderlands 2 - Well That Was Easy - 10g - 14 TA (awesome acheivement btw lol)


With all the old Arcade games Im going through, I intend to raise my TA completion % from its tiny 63.25%  I think if I can at least get it to 65% by the time I buy Resi 6 I'll be happy, but long term Im looking for 70%

Achievements im working towards:

Bomberman Live - EXTREME MAKEOVER! - 30g - 49 TA (should get this tonight)
Bomberman Live - Joy of painting with bomber man - 20g - 33 TA

Fifa 13 - I love this club - 30g - 197 TA

Until next time..

Thursday, 18 October 2012

In the begining


Before my brain can remember, I have worshipped gaming. And in fact, as long as I can remember I have had games (argueably, my memory is quite poor, making the "Past" part of this blog quite useless)

I remember always having this bad boy at my side
From the classics like Sonic and Streets of Rage, to games which were bought for my "sister", like Little mermaid, I felt like I had it all. As much as I loved these games, I have to say I was pretty awful at them, but there was a game which I found quite easy and was actually thoroughly entertained by...that was Global Gladiators. A game which was basically made by macdonalds, but what I remember of it....it rocked. My game gear was the best hing to happen to me. My sisters black and white gameboy had nothing on it. But sadly the batterys stopped working in it, and then sooner rather than later the mains cord also ceased to generate enough power to run my chunky, black game box.  


As much as I am loving Fifa, I can only play so much in a day, but I currently do not feel like playing 2 "big games" at once (except borderland 2, which I play with my awesome wife). So I have gone back to playing some old arcade games in an attempt to catch up on some achievements I missed. I picked up a few on Game Room (aka the spawn of satan), 1 on Feeding Frenzy and also finally completed harms way, after I finally found someone online.


As sad and antisocial as this may seem, I have never really enjoyed playing with people online. As my next blog will explain Ive always enjoyed single player more than anything. So My new years resolution (in the middle of October) is to make the most of the xbox community (and the xbox live subscription) and complete some online achievements.

 Until next time.... -->

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Very First

Hey everyone and/or noone. I have felt it necessary to set up this blog so that one day in the future, my currently unborn kids will be able to see just how nerdy theirfather was is. And how it all began.

I will be talking about my progress to reach 100000gs (soon....), my progress in life, my past gaming moments and how they all led to who I am today.

I will begin with just a very quick...I'm playing FIFA 13, and I will be passing out in the very near future.

Until next time