Thursday, 18 October 2012

In the begining


Before my brain can remember, I have worshipped gaming. And in fact, as long as I can remember I have had games (argueably, my memory is quite poor, making the "Past" part of this blog quite useless)

I remember always having this bad boy at my side
From the classics like Sonic and Streets of Rage, to games which were bought for my "sister", like Little mermaid, I felt like I had it all. As much as I loved these games, I have to say I was pretty awful at them, but there was a game which I found quite easy and was actually thoroughly entertained by...that was Global Gladiators. A game which was basically made by macdonalds, but what I remember of rocked. My game gear was the best hing to happen to me. My sisters black and white gameboy had nothing on it. But sadly the batterys stopped working in it, and then sooner rather than later the mains cord also ceased to generate enough power to run my chunky, black game box.  


As much as I am loving Fifa, I can only play so much in a day, but I currently do not feel like playing 2 "big games" at once (except borderland 2, which I play with my awesome wife). So I have gone back to playing some old arcade games in an attempt to catch up on some achievements I missed. I picked up a few on Game Room (aka the spawn of satan), 1 on Feeding Frenzy and also finally completed harms way, after I finally found someone online.


As sad and antisocial as this may seem, I have never really enjoyed playing with people online. As my next blog will explain Ive always enjoyed single player more than anything. So My new years resolution (in the middle of October) is to make the most of the xbox community (and the xbox live subscription) and complete some online achievements.

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