Saturday, 3 November 2012

Time to grow up


Nintendo has never really let me down.  Like I said previously, it has so much character, and as a teenager it was all I ever wanted.  But I had to grow up some day.  To me, growing up was leaving the world of pokemon and mario, and moving to the world of football and shooting everything.  The choice was between Sony and its PS2, and Microsoft and its Xbox.  I remember at the time, playing with the 2 controllers and I just couldnt get over how chunky the Xbox controller felt, so I plucked for the PS2.

Oh how time changes things.


A lot more gaming going on at the moment paired with a longer time between this and my last blog have seen me get a fair few more achievements.

I have joined the Happy Wars (free game on xbox live) bandwagon, and I have started to play a bit more Assasins Creed Revelations in and attempt to finish it before I get AC3 (probably for xmas)

AC: Revelations
Show Off  20 GS - 31 TA
The Plot Thickens  20 GS - 23 TA
Craft Maniac  20 GS -  28 TA

Borderlands 2
Identity Theft  20 GS - 26 TA

Happy Wars
All Rounder  10 GS - 15 TA
Hello World  10 GS - 14 TA
MOD 0  10 GS - 13 TA
Spin Spin Spinner  10 GS - 12 TA
BOT Hunter  30 GS - 44 TA
Nobody Calls Me Noob  20 GS - 24 TA
First Victory  10 GS - 10 TA

I am currently starting to learn to make android apps in my spare non-gaming time.  Stay tuned to see how I get on.

Until Next time...

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