Monday, 19 November 2012

Good Memories


We are now entering the period of my life where gaming began to take me over.  My college years. My mate Cav had got his ps2, so I got mine. But to be honest, it was his we played more.  As Ive previously mentioned, when I was younger I used to play games with my sister, but it wasnt really a challenge.  Now playing local multiplayer games, especially football (or soccer if any yanks happen to be reading), were the best way to distract me aways from college work.

During break periods, I would go to Cavs house, normally waking him up (baring in mind, he did the same course as me).  We would probably play 3 games of Pro Evo (or PES) using our self made wonder teams then head back to college.  We would keep a mental track of who was ahead in terms of wins and until we got pro evo 6 which kept a track for us.

Possibly my greatest moment in gaming was when we came to the last week of the college year.  We had played almost 200 matches and the scores were tied at 99-99.  That next game was the tensist yet, but I clinched the win, took a photo (which I have saved on another computer and will later upload) and have had bragging rights ever since.  This also saw the last of me playing the ps2.....


Determened to get Assassins Creed: Revelations finished there is an obvious pattern to my acheivements this week.

Assassins Creed: Revelations
Armchair General 20GS   -  29TA
The Early Years  20GS   -   23TA
The Reluctant Assassin  20GS  -  25TA
I can see you   20GS   -   29TA
Lightning Strikes    20GS   -  39TA
Spider Assassin  20GS  -  31TA
Successes and Failures  20GS  -  24TA
Escape to New York  20GS  -  27TA
Old Boss, New Boss  20GS  -  24TA
Almost Flying  20GS  -  31TA
Priorities  20GS  -  24TA
Revelations  50GS  -  60TA
Monster's Dance  20GS  -  30TA
Mouse Trap  20GS  -  40TA
Bully  20GS  -  29TA
Iron Curtain  20GS  -  33TA
Mosh Pit  20GS  -  37TA
Fast Fingers  20GS  -  39TA
Worth A Thousand Words  20GS  -  29TA
Holy Wisdom  20GS  -  30TA
The Mentor  20GS  -  32TA
A Friend Indeed  20GS  -  34TA
Pyromaniac  20GS  - 35TA
The Rotten Apple  20GS  -  28TA
Are You Desmond Miles?  20GS  -  29TA

Always Improving  25GS  -  30TA
An Angel's Wish   25GS   -  32TA
Bombs Away   20GS   -   26TA

Current GS -  94,850
Current TA -  135,806
Completion -  63.72%
TA rank  -  13,826th

You can tell I havent done a blog for a short while lol.  So what have I still got to do..


Im having a few conflicts in my mind of what to do next.  Firstly I must finish AC:Revelations.

I then plan to put my new xbox in the living room so I can plug my Kinect back in, so in my spare time I can lose wait an build up my completion percentage on things like Kinect Sports and Fitness Evolved.

Then with the old Xbox back in the bedroom, I will probably go back to complete LA Noire as I have all the addons now, then go even further back to complete GTA IV, ideally before GTA V comes out (but Im quite slow so thats unlikely)

Meanwhile...when will I play Black Ops II?

Until Next Time....

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