Friday, 7 December 2012

Achievement unlocked

First I would like to show you the photo I referred to in the previous blog. If I'm honest, I'm surprised I actually did have it lol.  Such a great memory though.

Bare in mind we are on his ps2, that's why it says 100 L :D

Anyway, back to the story

Just Achieve It! XBOX 260 Achievement Generator

What is this magical beeping, flashing, awesomeness I see before me?  I'm 20, but Ive finally achieved something!!

My mate Cav had recently bought an Xbox 360, and the co-op game he had which we first played together was Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six Vegas. We played the game, and it must have been less than a week, and I was already out buying my own console.  I was in heaven.  The sense of doing something that some people couldn't do, the ability to compare myself to my friends, the chance to show the world how great I can really be.

Of course in reality, I sat in my room for hours on end (no real change there) and unlocked, unlocked, unlocked.  Getting an Xbox had ended a huge obsession with World of Warcraft, which I had only being playing a month or 2, and brought on a whole new obsession.


One achievement away from finishing AC: Revelation, I just need to reach lvl 20 online,  I wish I didn't have to sleep as last night I won 6 matches on the bounce. I'm level 16, so hopefully Ill hit 20 tonight.

Assassins Creed: Revelations  (inc  The Lost Archive dlc)
Capped  20GS  -  36TA
Save yourself  10GS  - 10TA
Part of the Creed 10GS  -  10TA
Fond Memories  20GS  -  45TA
Sage  20GS  -  43TA
Looking Good  10GS  -  19TA
Jump they say  10GS  -  10TA
Enter the Animus  10GS  -  10TA
Meet your maker  10GS  -  11TA
The Loop  25GS  -  27TA
Find all Pieces  50GS  -  59TA
Breaking the Loop  50GS  -  60TA
Cross Styx without dying  25GS  -  33TA

Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Welcome to the Club  10GS  -  11TA
No Man Left Behind  20GS  -  24TA
Just Gettin' Started  10GS  -  12TA
Gathering Storm  20GS  -  25TA
Trained Up  10GS  -  30TA
Party Animal  10GS  -  26TA

The Walking Dead (inc Episode 3 dlc)
Goodbye, She Quietly Says  10GS  -  10TA
Bad Blood  10GS  -  10TA
Hit the Road  10GS  -  10TA
What now?  10GS  -  10TA
Unexpected Delay  15GS  -  15TA
Look Behind You  10GS  -  10TA
Lend Me Your Ears  25GS  -  26TA

Current GS -  95,300
Current TA -  136,434
Completion -  63.49%
TA rank  -  13,961st

My Completion has dropped after starting Black Ops II, but I have reached the 95K milestone, 5K left to go.

Aware that I will get AC3 and Resi 6 for Xmas, I plan to do as previously mentioned in my last blog. Get AC:Revelations out of the way, then swap the xbox's round (trying to sort out the memory space on each currently as I speak.  I will then play a mix of LA Noire and Black Ops II  until Xmas...

This will be my penultimate Past, Present, Future.  Next week I will explain my years on the 360, but after that....well....youll just have to wait and see ;)

Until next time......

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