Saturday, 2 March 2013

The end is just the beginning

Hey everyone. Yes it's been a while, but I hope you havent forgotten about me (yeah im talking to you, random person who accedently ended up here). Anyway, on with the story.


Xbox controller in hand I was now ready to waste the next few years. At first I just wanted to be better than my friends. Then the people I spoke to online.  Then the WORLLLLLD mwahahahahaha.  I started with quite a few games.  Then I started to rent some "easy wins".  Games like King Kong, TMNT, I even got Avatar.  But hey, at least I rented them.....

Then one faithful day I discovered True Achievements.  A website which compared me to all. And made me feel good, because I found some people had been playing Hannah Montanah games to get their score up....and I hadn't. It also made me realise how many games I had started, but never 100% completed. And this gave me the chance to relive some old games which had fallen from memory.  And this is where I stayed.


Based on the fact last time I blogged I had nearly finished AC: Revelations, clearly it has been too long. I say this because not only have I finished it, but I have 100% completed AC3 as well.  Which in my opinion is a truelly great game.  I have now started Hitman: Absolution, and after 2 solid days of playing it I already have 600/1000 points.  I also hit 64% overall completion today.  This isnt the first time, but its still a step in the right direction.


As previously mentioned this is my last Past, Present, Future.  Any future blogs will have a "Present" update but i will be listing my gaming highlights, like top games, top achievements and so forth.

Until next time....

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